Six Sentence Story: Cuts

This is a new one for me, having never before heard of Girlie on the edge I was pointed this way by Larry whom I met on the Friday fictioneers page hosted by the wonderful Rochelle.

The plan is to write 6 sentences using the prompt Exercise. Its connected to something that happened to me today, well it actually happened to my dog today

Here goes, photo on this is not relevant but I happen to like it


“So you must give him one dose of Metacam per day in his food, and keep it bland for about a week”

“And when can we walk, short walks initially?”

“No, nothing for a week or 10 days, no exercise we just have to keep an eye on the stitches, and make sure you take him out for his business on his lead, he needs to remain calm”

When we got in the car I looked at Benny and said to him, “Sorry mate, this next week or so will be pretty dull, you’re on a strict regime of no bitches, no humping and definitely no fun

He looked back up at me with his dark brown eyes not giving anything of the anger he felt towards me away.

“I would say that these next weeks are going to be a load of Bollocks, but I don’t like to use irony” thought Benny sarcastically.




  1. Alas, Poor Benny! I like the way you slipped the cue word in there. And I love the picture you used. Very interesting.
    Glad you’re sixing.

    Liked by 1 person

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