Friday Fictioneers: Dickie Disaster.

Hello FFs, and I must apologise for being absent last week, it had been a week of wedding anniversary and father’s day which hasn’t officially taken place yet; my daughter was in Germany on an exchange and has now got exams, so we are waiting until they’re all done and dusted before we go out as a family.

That’s the excuses out of the way so now the thanks; Thank you Rochelle for hosting this cacophony of veers talented scribes and also thank you for the photo prompt for this week. So I need to get my thinking cap on, which is now in position.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Petite, previously parapet perching Dickie-birds, Peter and Paul, fled their facade for good,  becoming tremendously irked by an enigmatic character continuously telling them to fly away and come back. 

“It was like Groundhog’s Day for Christ’s sake”; They decided to travel.

Peter’s wings were clipped after not being able to pay for a tattooed beak modification while drunkenly cavorting with a Maltese Hen party. Trying to escape to the airport he was hit by a car on Winston Churchill Avenue.

Paradoxical Paul, was in the airport bar peering at the punctilious clock anticipating Peter whilst ambulance sirens wailed cheerlessly outside.

There we are, slightly sad one today, and 100 words on the button, hope you enjoy Friday Fictioneering Folk!


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    At least you didn’t tell us the dog ate your last Friday Fictioneers story. 😉 I hope Paul’s pulled out and isn’t prone and puny. Fun with alliteration in this one. Hope he wasn’t mowed down by a Royal’s limo.



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  2. I’m not supposed to laugh, but laugh I did. I can so understand their wish for a new life… ‘parently, they were not properly prepared for it!

    So much fun what you do.

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  3. I keep my fingers crossed for Peter. Finding out which rhyme you’re writing about and reading backstorie is almost as much fun as reading what you made of it.

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  4. Peter and Paul were literally trying to fly away. Were they planning to catch a flight or hitch a ride on an airplane? Peter, hopefully has realised one has to pay for service availed. Otherwise there will likely be consequences.

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