Friday Fictioneers: A-Meat-Ica

What with all the kerfuffle and to-do over the last few days I’m once again in danger of losing my coveted FF membership, were it not for the wonderful Rochelle and her eternal patience then I probably would be out on my backside in the dusty Worcestershire countryside.

So America, America, what do we think of this one, from J Hardy Carroll? My knowledge is sketchy but I believe that today in the train in which I am sitting on my way to London, is Independence Day,  when we celebrate America freeing itself from extraterrestrials in the early part of this century. If it wasn’t for David Icke eh?

So here goes…

On My Marks,

Get Set,


Following Jack Spratt’s wife’s accident, he had taken to the carnivore diet like a chainsaw to a virgin rainforest. Everyday he forgot he should remember his wife whatever her name was.

He desired radical change. Relatives’ reminiscences of her vexed him. 

America; home of all things meat beckoned. When he saw Lady Gaga in a Neck & Clod dress that was the final straw.

“I must have something’s flesh” he shouted to no-one in particular as he bid Adieu to Newcastle.

Greasy Corner in Arkansas; sadly ironic as he tucked into the $2.99 Combo; dripping dripping down his chin, remembering June Spratt.

Boom! on a train, 100 words!! Pleased I am, and I hope you like it.




  1. A (your) brilliant mind was at work with this story. Too many predatory behaviors roaming about these days. If you’re not the predator, your the prey in America. I read something not long ago, where someone said if you see an agency with no visible product, you are the commodity (e.g. social service agencies.)

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  2. I usually understand all your references, but Lady Gaga in a neck & clod dress? Nope, don’t understand. Probably in part because I don’t follow her, and I just don’t know what “neck and clod” means. Help!

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  3. Dear Shrawley,

    Oh dear, I looked up neck and clod. I could see Lady Gaga doing that. Here in America we do stand for beef. They don’t call the standard American diet SAD for nothing. 😉 I imagine Jack is a bit heavier than he used to be when June was alive. Funny stuff.



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  4. A funny story, Shrawley. After seeing a film about a slaughterhouse at high school, my son was a vegetarian for years. He has now backslid. I eat chicken and fish but killing a cow is illegal here in India so no beef. I’ve read we should do without so many cows as it’s terrible for the environment. If it comes to a choice between breathing and eating beef, I’ll choose to breathe every time. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Quite right Suzanne, we eat too much meat here, but chicken and pork are faves! I do love a good steak, but very rarely eat them, my friend in the village is a specialist beef farmer, so we buy a meat box from him once or twice a year, it’s an indulgence I know. Having said that my wife and I are trying to lose weight and so I’m experimenting a lot more with veg and pulses etc.
      Thanks for reading, it’s lovely to get chatting with folk from all over the world. Where do you live in India?

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