FOWC: Whistle

FOWC: Whistlefullsizeoutput_1bcb

Sometimes a coffee can be too up its own arse, that’s what I think. A mug, a glass made from pyrex in pyrex (a lesser known Greek Island) by Pyrex (the Greek god of glass blowing and scientific experiments), an enamelled cup.

The last 2 can do one.

Coffee has to be drunk from a mug and let no man say otherwise or strike me down. There must be no sugar, no sweetener, no nothing apart from the coffee and of course full fat milk. But it can be noted that on Tuesday last, I did partake in my morning coffee with M and N as I usually do, however omitting the milk due to a ridiculous 5:2 diet I am now embroiled in. Did I tell you I have lost 0.8 pounds (weight, not money) in a week which is fantastic news. Lock up your daughters and quit the Wolf Whistles as I strut past the scaffolding on a week day, around elevenses. The race to be beach presentable has finally begun and in a way, a small way, I am winning.


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