FOWC: Switch



School holidays are here, it’s already stressing folk out, one of my mates had looked after 9 children yesterday; 9! Down at the astro turf and the swings. Mrs T and I have not taken many days off up to our holiday on the 7th August, in fact we haven’t taken any off. We’ve got a 15 nearly 16 year old who can sort of baby sit if she’s not out sunbathing or eating or shopping while the rest of us sit at home working; we switch the work computers on in the morning and then off at night, in between there is the compulsion to work, it is after all why we are paid. There is gradually less and less fun to be had at my company as all around me retire and fall over their instruments, metaphorically and physically as their hearing and balance deserts them.

In trying to work locally to “Froggers”; my HQ, I’m constantly changing my plans and coupled with the fact that my daughter is fond of the sun and last minute plan switches to incorporate fun sun times, i’m finding myself getting wound up at the slightest thing. To be fair it is one of my 2 diet days today and ice cold pints of lager or golden zesty ales have been at the forefront of my mind pretty much since it turned noon, didn’t help that I was working in a pub first thing. In fact thats probably why I’m feeling this way, I must keep out of temptations way on the torture of Tuesday and Thursday.

On a positive note I won a prize today; the first time really since 1977 when I won “Edward Lear’s Nonsense Rhymes” at my primary school for being “Best Trier”. I don’t want to over state the achievement but that book is somewhere on my bookshelves if I still had such things. Unfortunately now all my books are in boxes and with the recent voting in of Boris Johnson as our new PM, and Trump congratulating him on air, mentioning and name checking his fuck buddy Nigel Farage, who was in the audience, dreaming of sucking Satan’s cock, it occurred to me that with these 3 racists in charge of the “free” world then I may as well burn all my old books, that way I keep control and not give them the pleasure.

As a friend who I shall call “B” for anonymity, said today;

“it’s really interesting being alive when the whole world goes to shit around us, and all that people have fought for in the past is slowly chiselled away.”

I paraphrase, but that was the gist of it.

Back to important matters, on Twitter yesterday a record label mentioned they were giving away 5 copies of a compilation on @outredisque, all I had to do was to retweet the comments to be in with a chance of winning a record. Which I have, and it made my morning when I heard as I was sitting outside the pub I was working at, and for a moment I forgot about the golden zesty ale, until I realised that nothing would complement the compilation album better than a zesty golden ale. Damn this 5:2 diet, I’ll check my weight tomorrow and reveal the outcome live when I can be arsed, if the news isn’t negative. God knows we could all do with some cheering up after the day in politics this side of the Atlantic!

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