FOWC: Spill

My cup does not only overfloweth it doth Spill forth!


Yesterday, my daughter, whom I have been clashing with of late, over the merits of tidying up after oneself, to make for a happy place to live, came home with an invention which I have been aware of but have never remembered to look at on line or in the shops. She came home with a contraption so amazing, so life changing, so extraordinarily earth shatteringly brilliant I would have ate my hat, had I not recently purchased said chapeau.

The bathroom of Froggers now is an oasis of all things brilliant; the exposed brickwork chimney breast (contemporary and classy) The deep bath (ostentatiously opulent) the enormous shower cubicle with Velux window (slightly voyeuristic) the soft close toilet seat ( the most superlative  lavatorial invention) And now, courtesy of my wonderful daughter; the Bluetooth shower speaker. This changes everything, I can now drain the lizard, disrobe, weigh myself naked seeing the pounds staying static, turn on the shower and some banging tunes all before the toilet seat closes.

So congratulations to my eldest, you surely are the most fabulous young lady, if contrary and objectionable as I probably am myself, however I doubt that.

And I’m quite enjoying alcohol free IPA; what on earth is the World coming to?

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