FOTD: Thistle, Bee and Hoverfly.

We’ve all seen a thistle, and we’ve probably sat on one and definitely we’ve all put our hand to rest on one while having a picnic on the banks of the Severn, but have we all seen this particular one; the one which is wild, not kept in a flower zoo. Where the plants are free to speak and fraternise with who they wish.

Today’s FOTD is pretty damn good I’ll think you’ll agree. And I seem to have named all 3 protagonists in the scene, I’d suggest the Bee doesn’t have a dandruff problem and maybe the white specs you see, are, in all likelihood, pollen.


In fact I’m so chuffed with this one i’m going to break the mould and provide you with a tune to get stuck into… bit of an 80’s throwback, and there’s nowt wrong with that.

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