FOWC: Previous

The point of  FOWC (Fandango’s one word challenge) is to write a piece prompted by the one word he will supply daily, today’s word is Previous.


Previous (you don’t have to start the piece with the word, I have today) to today, I had kind of put Trump to the back of my mind as we in Britain have inherited our own utter **** (too harsh to spell out) voted in as prime minister by a tiny amount of conservative party members, who essentially have held the rest of the country to ransom, to be honest.  As the competition continued the competitors fell away and we were left with a pair of ****s, neither of them voted for by any meaningful amount of the population at large, and one of these two is meant to guide our country through the most treacherous channel, which is Brexit, and decide our future, and our children’s future, the irony being that many of the 150,000 people who had the privilege of voting won’t be alive to see the future; our future.

So we are left with Boris Johnson, a man of wealth and privilege, who doesn’t seem to have had to scrimp and save for a day in his life, never seems to have had to struggle, knows not what it is to decide to shop in places other than Waitrose, in fact I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t even go to the supermarket, or hasn’t in the recent past and I understand that as PM its probably not that easy to pop to Aldi (my supermarket of choice).

But I am really getting sick to death of the so called “Boris Bounce”, just because it’s alliterative doesn’t make it a credible thing, how about Boris Bunions or the Johnson Jitters. The Boris Bounce is so called because this foppish man seems to swan around with a smug, slightly confused grin and look on his face, pledging to personally apologise for any pain a no deal Brexit will cause and as Jess Phillips, Esq. MP has said, personal apologies will not feed mouths, she speaks sense and I agree with her. The clownish man is said to cheer people up with his tom-foolery, people being cheerful will naturally forget about the shit which is about to hit the fan, this is the Bounce, but just wait till you are scraping the turds from your children’s hair. Then have a laugh with Boris why don’t you

This foolish man, this clown has nothing to lose if Britain leaves the Europe with a deal or without a deal, he could not care less. He’s become PM, thats that box ticked, and every time I see his slightly amused/ bemused face on the telly I think to myself, what the hell has the world come to?

So to conclude, and to unfortunately get back to the original point and fucking Trump, I am dumbfounded by what has happened in America today and yesterday, it is abhorrent and that country must change its gun laws. I would send you my hopes and prayers but I’m an atheist so I fail to see what my prayers will do, but, I do hope somebody somewhere sees sense and things can change for the better.

Thought this song may suit well with the way today’s politicians feel about the normal folk.


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