Friday Fictioneers: Confectionary Cadaver

Bugger me, I’m in the airport, about to get onto a winged metal tube to Turkey, like a cigar in one of those silver tubes, i’ll will be trapped Rochelle, thank God for airport wifi, its a damn site better than the hotel Wifi, I’m struggling with right now. Thanks to Randy Mazie, great name, what a brilliant photo, I’ll get my thinking cap on …

So, running slightly later due to intermittent internet which fluctuates wildly in Akayaka

On my Marks…

Get Set…


The trail of Tangfastics and Golden Bears had led Hansel and Gretel, the urban explorers, to the dyslexic confectionary and dream catcher’s shop, or so they thought.

Business was tough, probably due to the proliferation of pick & mix and mystical tat sections within the supermarkets, so the retail establishment had gone fishing.

H&G broke inside despite the NO TRESSRASSING sign, they weren’t tressrassing anyway they didn’t think, what the hell was Tressrassing?

As their eyes adjusted to the gloom of the mothballed shop they saw the swinging cadaver of the confectioner, swinging from the rafters on rope of strawberry laces.

Perfecto, 100 words of pure gold(en bears) Enjoy, and I reckon i’ll be in the 60’s.



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