August 10th 2019


I realise the time difference may make a difference and so we’re tending to eat about 9;30 at night but i’ve finally realised how tired I actually am. Holidays should be mandatory for all citizens. I’ve been waking up around 9am, I’m relaxing, work should pay for me to go away, so as I come back chomping at the bit and ready to draw some squares on the map. that is after all what I get up to, and if any managers are reading this please leave the room, there is nothing for you here and my ability to write a semi coherent blog does not impact on my production figures in the slightest.

3 things.

I wish I could eat out a lot more often as i’ve realised how fab it is not to cook for a while.

There’s a restaurant where you sit in the river on tables, your feet in the, let’s face it, freezing waters; we’ll go there soon.

I’ve never bought a breathable hat, I just assumed that my head is always hot in the summer and the brim will keep me in the shade. Turns out there is such a thing; L has one, her hat seller looked and scoffed at mine, “No Breathing” turns out he’s right, but I don’t think i’m ready to enter that world yet, I’ll make do. You’ll understand when you get to my age.

Toodle pip.



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