August 17th 2019

The new “thing” we do now, I say it as if it’s a settled habit, we’ve done it 2 days in a row, is to get down to the icy cold crystal clear river around about 8pm, get in, wade through a gap in the reeds and as the Beatles once said, “Relax and float downstream” Theres no boats chugging up and down river at this time, their pilots unconcerned with the daytime revellers, apparently there have been some serious injuries over the years of folk getting stuck in the current, which is very strong, and swept under the boats. Because i’m not an idiot I will not do this.

The second fish restaurant in 3 days where as soon as we walked in they asked us to come and have a look at the fish in reception, no word of a menu, after all if you have to ask you can’t afford it. But we like to ask and we don’t like surprises when the bill comes, its amazing how a little understanding goes to relax everyone. Last bill came to about 200TL more than the holiday average, and so as a result the dinner time index has risen against the holiday balance, tipping the amount of money left in the bank to dangerously low levels.


Our waiter was called Otter, his paw was in a bandage (glass accident) and he slept in a hammock next to the river, he spoke Turkish and Russian and in 5 months was going to Russia to marry his sweetheart, he liked the cold. I made a concerted effort to pass on the tip to him but had to leave it with the snarling proprietor at the door, i’d say there would be little chance he’d pass it on to Otter.

More swimming today; from the paddle board rental place, where you can jump off the cliffs, to the restaurant we ate at for lunch the other day. If you don’t hear from me again this means I won’t have made it and you can raid my record collection.


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