FOWC: Tattoo



Listening to the test match cricket today has been just what the doctor ordered after yesterday’s and the day before’s disastrous shambolic nonsense, appertaining to English Cricket. There was a chap on the radio who had a bet with his brother that Alister Cooke wouldn’t score a test century in his final test. He was in a batting rut and his form was nothing short of awful and so the bet seemed a pretty safe one. the forfeit was for the loser to have a tattoo of Alister Cooke’s batting average on their ankle. So there’s always going to be a loser.

Cooke did indeed score a fabulous test century in the game and so the brother on the radio today did have to have the tattoo, which hurt, a lot. But on the plus side, this guy did get to go upto the TMS box and speak to Aggers and Alister Cooke (now Sir A. Cooke, services to cricket).

But going back to today, there’s a half hour or so of play left, we’ve still got Root in on 70, and Stokes is in. Keep it tight boys, and who knows tomorrow may bring us the miracle we all desire.

Keeping the Ashes Alive


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