Friday Fictioneers: Shark-Bait

Hello from our foreign correspondent in Turkey, that’s me, in case you were wondering.  Rochelle is our leader and Dale Rogerson is our photographer for this week.

I’m massively late, having started this the day I was due to leave Turkey and then sidetracked by a wonderful seafood fettuccini, which I couldn’t finish. A 4 hour flight in cattle class which I’m becoming less tolerant of as I stiffen up, age wise, and 2 or 3 days of lethargy. Anyway, here goes nothing.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Little Boy Blue (LBB) was Anosmiac, Blue’s schnoz was full of polyps caused in part by the sheep in the meadow and the cows in the corn; Hay-fever had damaged his nasal cavities beyond repair. A brief and embarrassing stint in the porn industry due to a misunderstanding over being able to “blow his horn” had deviated his career path for the better.

Or so he thought.

The seaside air benefitted him, but his Hakarl cafe was suffering, people were leaving in droves, due to the rotten Elasmobranch heads above the kitchen dripping viscous hideousness onto the heads of diners.

There we go folks, 100 words, and not a oner wasted! Enjoy!


  1. Misunderstanding over blowing the horn. That cracked me up pretty well! 😂 That cafe sounds like the stuff right out of nightmares. Dripping hideousness onto heads!!! Great take on the prompt, Shrawley. 😄

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  2. You did well on this one. I had to do three Google searches to clarify Anosmiac, Elasmobranch and Hakarl. Had a bit of a laugh too. It takes all types, doesn’t it!!
    Meanwhile, Have a great time in Turkey. Sounds wonderful!
    Best wishes,

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  3. I’m late in responding and for that I apologise!
    Too funny. And yeah. No. I am not going to that particular café, either.
    Where your mind goes is a strange place – lucky for us.

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