August 26th 2019

Dr S, all is forgiven, please come back and tell me what the hell this is?


I’ve been back for a few days now and have had admin to do, flowers of the day, Fungi Sunday (which regrettably I missed) and actual physical admin, unpacking clothes, washing clothes, cutting the grass, buying food to cook instead of going out all the time and have someone do it for you; very nice that, very nice. Popped up to the pub for a swift half yesterday and you’ll be glad to know its going steadily downhill to a skeleton customer base, its what we want; how can the shambolic publican not see he’s driving it into the ground. It has a huge beer garden and he tells me it’s not a summer pub; not in his hands, it’s only a pub in physical form and doesn’t seem to have any of the other attributes that make it what a pub should be.

This isn’t important unless you’re coming to visit Shrawley and then in which case please tell the landlord to pull his trousers up although news hot off the press and far more entertaining than Brexit is that finally he has employed a set of Braces to hold the bloody things up. (If you’re American and reading this Trousers are what you incorrectly call pants and braces, well, you’ll have to look that up) Now the trouser cuff doesn’t drag on the floor and pick up piss when he goes into the mens loos. Yes, its as bad as that but as I’m not going to do anything to the floors other than walk on them then I guess that’s his affair, suffice to say the “5 second rule” is probably best not applied here. If you do visit look me up, go into the centre of the woods and summon the minister by standing amongst the trees, topless and wearing a lampshade on your head, i’ll be there in a jiffy.

Back to woodland business and the strange photo above, what the fuck?! Spotted this radioactive nest(?) on the CCTreeV just at the top entrance to the woods, I have no idea what it is and I suspect that the protagonist won’t be caught as he/she works directly under the camera, cheeky, they’re infiltrating and taking over, could be some insects are having their nests taken innocently mistakenly by others colour coding is hopefully becoming a thing, we could do with a few more primary colours in the woods.

So far since returning from Akayaka, we narrowly avoided a head on collision with a lorry carrying 5000 chickens which overturned on the bridge at Holt at 4:30am, we passed over that bridge at 4am the same day, if I had gone through Bristol and stopped for coffee on the way back we may well have been may have been McNuggets. As a sad result, the bridge was closed for the following day as vets struggled to put down all the chickens and chaos ensued at the other river crossing points, one 5 miles to the North and other 8 miles to the South. Making the journey to pick Benny the dog up form his holiday about 2 and a bit hours in what should have taken 30 minutes.

Mrs T and I with A (our son) and his friend B, C couldn’t make it, went to a rather posh hotel called “The Elms” to see Bo Rap on a large alfresco screen in the hotel grounds, the film was fun, the beer really expensive as were the cocktails and the popcorn awful. Isn’t it amazing that I managed to sit behind a girl with massive hair and associated features who kept moving hither and thither, spoiling my viewing marginally.


Nothing further to report apart from my return to work tomorrow, I’m purposely not looking at my emails before thaen as it might make a nice surprise to see how the company has collapsed, everyones retired or been made redundant, and I’m now in charge. Watch this space, the lorry carrying the chickens could have been carrying the managers who actually are chickens.

Night all


  1. at least the management are English chickens .. if this helps ?? imagine if u can Piri Piri chick and reporting to a Portuguese manager who only cares about giving staff cheap shit cars and getting them to do one more job every f day.. I’ve seen foreign business takeovers NOT pretty! but good luck in Stourport Dom

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