FOWC: Highfalutin.



Not a word i’m familiar with and see no possible way to slip this one into conversation, the polite English type that we all speak over the other side of the pond! The type we speak when we have plums in our mouth, you should try it, putting plums or at least a few damsons in your mouth, then you too could see how ridiculous the so called “upper classes” sound; bunch of c****s.

So aside from the way we speak, the cricket (not an insect, don’t be ridiculous, who would name a world wide export which took over the world after an insect? No, not the Singing Scoucers, check the spelling). Tea, we make proper tea, even places like Sri Lanka and India can’t make a proper cup of builders with full fat milk and no sugar (i’m not an animal), no those places, despite being the nurseries of fine tea, still insist on providing us with Lipton Yellow Label tea, which as everyone knows is shite, Yorkshire tea, that’s the Holy Grail. American football? No, I don’t think so. Golf, we both play that, but we don’t jump all over the greens and we rake the bunkers.

Aah Golf, theres a thing, I believe your leader likes golf and he’s a c***, our leader is also a c***, as he is showing these past weeks and months, in fact both of them are showing themselves to be a pair of Highfalutin (I’d say arrogant, but it amounts to the same thing, plus I think we would put a “G” on the end, I can only assume the American way of spelling it was an accident), a pair of Highfalutin Nincompoops, to be polite, there are probably children in the room who are going to inherit this utter shambles these conceited, presumptuous knob-jockeys are creating, but they’ll be ok. I believe when the Brazilian Rainforest has burnt away then the temperature in Aberdeen will rise to a far more temperate and acceptable temperature for our leaders to play golf in.

Love you really across the pond, just wish you could speak and spell correctly!


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