Your Daily Word Prompt: Nimble

First time, first love, oh what meaning is this? Electricity flows like the very first kiss, etc et-bloody-c

This is the first time for me responding to the word Nimble for this daily word prompt, so thanks to Sheryl, there may be some swearing but not gratuitous, unless called for, which it sometimes is, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Guess what this is? It’s not a machine, i’ll give you that, or is it? I’m D, author and chief executive officer of The Ministry of Shrawley walks what I write about is largely nonsense, but involves the lives of my 3 dog walking friends, some might say fiends, and our daily rambles through the Worcestershire countryside, an average age of 49 or 50, its a dynamic range, theres one much older and one slightly younger, the main protagonists are, in age order:

  • M, he’s quite a catch and despite having walked with him for years now, we have no idea what he really does. Likes Italian coffee, a lot.
  • D, the Minister, that’s me, I write it and so I write what I want, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes odd, but there’s always a few photos of the woods for curious folk.
  • N, he’s in charge of jokes, many times we’ve tried to topple him from his comedy throne, which wouldn’t be hard, it’s just none of us can be arsed.
  • C, the most Nimble of the group, frequently seen to add a skip or two into her gait, she’s a big fan of Mushrooms and loves nothing better than missing the daily walk in the school holidays. Known only to come for post walk coffee at D’s house.

So there we have it, thats me and the rest of them, I’m going to follow you (not in a weird way) and will look forward to the daily prompts, which I will not do every day; the day job, the kids and my records get in the way.

Oh its the chopped off base of a pak choi, in case anyone cares.


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