FOWC: Abnormal



I tell you what, the return of C next week vaunt come soon enough, the Ministry has fallen into anarchy, the abnormal goings on in London, I think are going to folks heads. We need a good cricket match to bring us together again, roll on next Wednesday (Thursday?), too kick the Aussie’s butts once more. This late summer time is truly beautiful, the sun is strong but pretty low in the sky in the mornings and drills its light through the trees towards us as we ascend the hill up to the tall trees, scattering Light Sprites through the wood, dancing on the dewey mist which permeates the branches.

Coffee was at M’s this morning and before entering the kitchen we heard voices, youthful voices, voices of boys, young men, drinking coffee and sat on N’s and my stools. This was a) unexpected and b) unacceptable. I’m thinking this sort of situation will not arise again, small talk with 17 year olds is all very well but a 47 year old man needs to sit down after 5000 steps or so; am I wrong? N and I had to lean against the cooker in a totally unfamiliar and abnormal position.

When the boys left to catch their trains, a strange mark was left on the seat he was using, the velveteen must be brushed to bring back order to our little universe, when you reach my age you’ll understand, a little change first thing in the morning causes repercussions through out the rest of the day; the mole was not at his counter at the usual time and as a consequence I had to use the site loo and I am now tireder than I should be at this hour and I hold those lads wholly responsible. This time it’s just a warning but next time there will be a lengthy ban.

More woodland shots, and i’m offski. Night all.


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