Your Daily Word Prompt; Clarify & FOWC


The judicious butter sage sat on his throne, the humble one, he was expecting a visit from the milk marketing board this afternoon and didn’t want to appear too flashy. He turned to the butter advisor and said,

“So just to clarify things, literally, you want me to ask the MMB to approve the sale of Ghee to the Eskimos; we can’t even sell ice to the Eskimos, what hope have we selling ghee to them?”

“The problem sir, is the fur the Eskimos are using to clothe themselves and provide their bedding is flea ridden, due to the warmer winters the fleas are surviving the cold and so they are proliferating in the pelts. The washing and sterilising isn’t killing them off unfortunately, and so the spring, summer and autumn makes for a very itchy time. Sir” said the butter advisor.

“Then why the Ghee pray tell?” asked the Butter Sage.

“To clarify,” said the butter advisor, “the fleas stick to the ghee.”

With a blank stare the Butter Sage announced “Then Ghee it is”

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