FOWC: Cash



Last week we learnt that cash as a means of payment has been pushed into third place behind debit cards (number 1) and credit cards (number 2). In the post Brexit months to come I suspect that it will be overtaken by Tesco club card points, old Smurf collections from National petrol stations in the 70’s and laminated white dog shits which are rare as hens teeth but the hot weather has made for a few in my garden which I am now stock piling.

Yet another amazing speech from the wonderfully inspirational teenage environmental typhoon Greta Thunberg, whom I expect to be seeing a lot more of in years to come, typhoons too. The United Nations could not fail to be moved by this incredible young woman, thrust into the limelight because she stood for something she believed in a year ago by holding a strike at school against the piecemeal systematic destruction of the environment. Her speech so powerful and heartfelt that the governments of the world are going to find it very hard to ignore her, and is an illustration as to how one person can inspire a generation. I would be happy to hand over my official title of “Daddy King of the World” given to me by my wonderful kids to her.

We are living in very interesting times, bookended by climate change to one extreme and capitalism the other. Nothing like this has happened in modern times and I am so interested to see what follows. Greta firmly scolds the capitalists in their pursuit for money, cash and wealth with empty promises of some sort, of make believe utopia which in reality only the rich will have a say in controlling, what in actuality might happen is unknown, but as long as we have people like Greta to tell things like they are, big corporations will find it very hard to argue against. The campaign against climate change has entered a new phase, driven by the very people who will inherit the earth, and this will no longer be the rich. It seems to me that we might be entering a new economic and environmental age, uncharted micro plastic filled waters.

Peaceful protest and progressive politics are the way forward, and it will take bravery from todays politicians to actually say what they think we need to do, there will be pain, there will be hardship but without these will be no future.

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