Friday Fictioneers: Dial-a-Troll

Morning campers and beg my pardon for being late; ironic as it is 5:42am as I write this, I’ve been up sine 5:15, i’ve got a mental health and wellbeing course later this morning, far away from home, but being up this early is really trying my patience, lets see how the rest of it goes.

Hello Rochelle, our weekly shenanigans continue under your expert tutoring and thanks to regular Fun girl Dale Rogerson for her haunting photo, well that’s what I thought when I saw it, I immediately thought “disaster”. So let’s see what happens, and what tripe and dream residue tumbles from my mind this morning.

Without further ado.

On My Marks…

Get Set…



It seemed like an odd place for a first official date; midnight at the park in Humpybong.

Paula first spoke to Dave Troll, responding to a cold call to sell her loft insulation. She Living in a basement she had no need, although she joked about sound-proofing;  the  couple upstairs were at it like rabbits ALL night!

They’d laughed, she noted his direct number. 

Daily flirting once made her drop her biscuit during elevenses, so they arranged a rendezvous.

Dave arranged the curry on the table, Paula immediately loved his grand gesture, his inconsistent spelling

“I hope you like Goat” 

There we are, 100 words on the nose, as bloody usual, what can I say, this ungodly hour brings production, let’s hope it doesn’t damage my well being.




  1. In India, they don’t call it goat. They call it mutton and it’s popular here. This is a country where beef is hard to find as they are revered in the Hindu religion so chicken, pork, and mutton are served. After seeing pigs wandering in the streets I usually get chicken. I remember an African man who worked at the same place I did in North Carolina tried to get goat meat with no success. You can sometimes easily find goat milk but not goat meat in that state. A good story, Shrawley. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Interesting in India they call goat mutton, in the UK mutton is older sheep, it was eaten a lot in the past then fell out of favour. However now, slow cooked it is yummy! Thanks for reading Suzanne. I haven’t had a chance to read at all last week, I’ve been snowed under at work! This week I’m making a concerted effort to get stuff done!!


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