FOWC & Your Daily Word Prompt


I’m mixing it up today again for the first time in a while, both Fandango’s One word challenge and Your Daily Word Prompt. Lets see what I come up with.

It seems to be the leaders of the free world are everyday sinking to new depths, every day sees a new low as this cast of lunatics, who, by their actions give oxygen to the bad gays opening up potential conflict flash points, many many miles from home. There’s utter denial regards the intimacy of  relationships past and present, and as the story is written so the bricks begin to tumble as journalists probe, whistle blowers start to blow and sometime aides or confidents wake up screaming and realise what secrets they have are eating them up on the inside and they need to tell someone. Its like the leaders and their second and third in command and the rest of their motley crew are balls deep in the dark arts, thinking the building of stone walls of silence will protect them. They have a lack of sentience in so far that they have no ability to feel emotion, of how their lies will  impact others, in many cases millions of others, their lack of empathy is shared only by a chair trying to sympathise with a watering can; 2 completely different objects with absolutely nothing in common.

The complete lack of a capacity for sensation or feeling, empathy and emotion for those beyond a small circle of other maniacs marks them out as dangerous, cold and alien. I can only worry for the future if these lunatics remain in office.

Its a relief I read the “Your Daily Word Prompt” YDWP, a few times otherwise the whole cast would be serving a very long “sentence”, which after all is said and done, maybe they will.

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