Friday Fictioneers: Citrus Cushion

I’m alive, the minister shouted after crossing a unknowingly hazardous ridge walk yesterday, more of that later, on another blog post any way, this week the super-duper Rochelle is holding the wonderful band of miscreants, known as the Friday Fictioneers,  together.With this photo from Jean L. Hays, its a match made in FF heaven. Lets see what I come up with.

On my Marks…

Get Set…


Tim and Timothena Thimble-hat were a couple who lived amongst the shadows of the zips and buttons in the Haberdashery drawers. Trained by the infamous Shoemaking Elves, they had diversified into shirts and blouses, after the blind mice’s bloody takeover of the cobblers.

Their aides’ penchant for playing Japanese techno, Ken ichi mainly, piqued the children’s interest whose parents owned the studio and who loved a succulent Clemantine or Tangerine

One night the children stole into the studio;  the Thimble-hats, caught unawares only had time to gather round a discarded satsuma staying absolutely still, thus spawning a global design classic.

Well there we go folks, the true story of how this particular pin cushion was created, and all in only 100 words, it must be all the fresh air I’ve been subjected to of late!



  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Dare I say this story had me in stitches? I’d say you have this one buttoned up…or down. I can see why the children would be captivated. I could see this played on the screen in Pixar fashion. Good one and lots of fun.



    Liked by 1 person

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