FOWC: Procrastinate


Procrastinate? You bet, this is what goes on in my head when any decision has to be made.

Wait, just … wait, Ive got to find a photo, one that has an insect looking pensive or maybe a bird folding and unfolding its feathers, hold on I’ve got a swan somewhere. Several dead moles too, we get a lot of them around here, never in my bloody garden though, its like the Somme out there. Benny, bless him, tries to dig them up but christ mate its not doing any good.

Yes, yes i’m coming to bed, i’ll just watch Newsnight, a comedy programme, do this “Bloody Blog thing” Christ its like i’m obsessed, I’m finding it hard to do stuff, on time, on budget in part due to all this procrastination. Must focus, I’ve got to pack a bag tonight, for Norfolk, no, no i’ll do it tomorrow, in the morning after the walk, and the coffee. We’ve got to leave at 9;30, i barely leave for work at 9;30, got a few days off and hopefully will be spending a bit of time on the beach, with the dogs, the wife and the kids. Maybe try some paddle boarding, but it might be cold, i’ll do it down the Wye in the summer, when i’ve got some money, when i’ve written my book, when i win the lottery. Yes we can paint but not tonight, we haven’t got a brush, i’ll get one on saturday, after the Rugby, then we’ll get back on the 5:2 diet, but not next week because we’ve got my birthday, and my daughter’s birthday, same day, on a saturday. So we can’t paint then, but maybe on the subnday, no i’ll have a hangover. God I hate painting.

Right i’m off, i’m going to put the dogs out, i’ll have a liquorice and peppermint tea, first. Maybe I could alphabiticise my records, D-F, i did A-C a bout 10 days ago now come to think of it. No I’ll do it when i get back from North Norfolk…

It just goes on and on doesn’t it.

By the way did I tell you Worcester had flooded, our second most local boozer is flooded, thats the photo, apparently the firework display will be there on Saturday, we’ll see, it’ll be bloody wet.

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