FOWC: Basket & YDWP: Strange

Not really sure what this is about, and that is all I’ve got to say on the matter.


“It’s not what’s in the Basket” said Coral, “But the basket itself, its’ amazing where did you get it?”

Strange” said Goobles, “This basket has been handed down through generations of “Bicsits. Why are you asking me this?”

“Well, the handle is woven in a kind of geometric pattern I don’t understand; it’s Esher-like, just seems to go on and on and on, it’s messing with my head”

Goobles took the bread and apples out and removed the 1950’s newspaper from the bottom and showed Coral the bottom. “Look at this,” he whispered conspiritationally, “this is woven from the preserved tendons of anteaters from Antarctica, when they used to roam the continent.”

“Anteaters never lived on Antarctica” said Coral, “it’s a frozen continent, how on earth could that be? you’re talking nonsense”

“Have you not heard of plate tectonics? Have you not heard of continental drift?” asked Goobles.

“Well, yes, of course I have but this, that happened millions of years ago before life existed” said Coral, then looking at Goobles who was fixing her with a stare to end all stares, “surely” she said doubtfully.


,then Goobles said, “Well if that’s what you think”, placed the newspaper pages back into the basket and then put in the bread and apples. Glared at Coral again, spat on the floor, smiled back at her, and walked off, across the car park towards the manor house.

It was time for her medication.

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