FOWC: Volume

Many times the Ministry has come to discuss the politics of the day, what documentaries were watched, the Great British Bake Off, only tonight we watched a programme which told of eskimos from the 1820’s who used iron tools and yet no iron existed in their part of Greenland, let alone any part of Greenland as far as anyone knew. Turns out 3 massive meteors had fallen to Greenland created a secret valley with these pure metal monoliths sat; named unimaginatively due to their shapes, so much so that I’ve forgotten already. That sort of information is not relevant, surplus data; not enough space in my head, like white noise, people talking all at the same time, need to turn down the Volume sometimes.

We all do, which is telling and generally on the walk, this zoning out occurs down the “It doesn’t matter” path or on the walk out of the woods before W&C’s house (a different C). Seems that by this time we’re all bored of the conversation or each other or both to a point. We’ve all different tolerances and different ideas. Walking up the track today, dogs on the leads, straining against them as we pull backwards. A cat appeared, the fat one from W&C’s and my God did they pull? Christ, it was then that I came across an alternative to fox hunting. Cat hunting, cats and dogs are traditionally old enemies, if Tom and Jerry cartoons are to be believed, and so why not? The cats would always win, cats would always scamper up trees or onto roofs and look down pitifully at the dogs as they stood on their hind legs wagging their tales and looking up into the leaves, stupid and easily pleased. Foxes are a kind of dog as far as I can make out, they should be friends, inexorably genetically tangled, a Canine patchwork of wolves, foxes, dingos, dogs, hyenas?

So yes, let’s start some cat hunts.

I’m thinking supplementing my diet with Turmeric tablets, fingers feel stiff as a board, I think it could be early onset arthritis; I’m going to self diagnose then self medicate, then i’ll see the doctor, my nose and finger tips stained yellow, by which time it’ll be too late. Turmeric, the gate way spice into others, cumin, chilli, oregano and saffron. So watch this space, and just one thing,

I can’t remember.


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