WWP: Liminal

This time, I missed the Weekend Writing Prompt due to birthday commitments, Im going to try and do this in one take before my shower, before my dog walk and before my porridge; BUT during my cup of tea.

The working week has not yet started and so tenuously we are still within the realms of the weekend… maybe… I’ll keep telling myself that…

I had to look this one up, I thought of subliminal, but thats all.

Vatnajökull’s nose was no longer in front, seeing less, she had retreated several kilometres in the passing decades and in her liminal state had revealed many secrets; frozen animal cadavers, twisted trees.

Today’s revelation; rather more macabre, as 6 tiny translucent hands protruded from the ice, the crystalline water drip, drop, dripping metronomically into the cerulian pool below.

I dreamt of glaciers so this cautionary tale came to mind. I hope i’ve taken the word to mean what I think it does, i’m talking of the glacial state between being a chunk of  ice and no longer that, lost forever.



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