Your Daily Word Prompt and FOWC

Well, Ive always said if you don’t like it you can turn it off. I’ve just turned Nigel Farrage off, what a guttersnipe he is, and what exactly does the Brexit party stand for after the election? Well, quite, they seem to be there to stir things up and promote nationalistic feelings within the populous, blaming the state of the union on the immigrants, the Poles and the Pakistanis, the Indians and the Italians, the Bangladeshis and the Bulgarians. All folk integral Ito our country running the way we’ed like it to be run.

I’m not sure what people are so cross about, I get more wound up by having to watch “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. Not that I don’t like it, (see first line) but that its on commercial television, theres adverts every 10 minutes, and it goes on too long to catch the BBC News at 10, meaning I have to watch the ITV news, which I don’t like.

I am now going to have to watch this TV fluff, but funny fluff, and form irrational likes and dislikes to people I have no connection to and probably only hear about from the  conspicuous front pages of the filthy, gutter, nipple count, celebrity tittle tattle press exhibited on every garage forecourt around Britain, of which far too many people give a shit about, when I’m filling my car up with diesel; which a few years ago seemed to be fine for the planet and climate change, but now we’ve found that the oil companies may not have been telling us the absolute truth, blindfolding us and knocking us out with ether while they rupture our sphincters as they fuck us and anyone else who got in their way.

It’s a sad fact that as Mrs T electrified her driving on Friday, I am still spewing diesel fumes all over the Worcestershire Countryside, coating the vegetation that hugs the roadsides in filth. This electric car oil, for me, the beginning of a sea change, when the iPhone first came out I thought to myself, “Why aren’t all phones like this?”

“Why aren’t all cars like this?” It’s a sobering thought, but I should imagine it takes a lot of energy to make them, still its a start, maybe too late. Who knows maybe in 5 or 10 years time we may see ourselves traveling around  Horse drawn carriages, like our wonderful monarchy, don’t get me started.

Anyway i’m off to bed, and right on topical theme; Global Warming and Climate Change, I’m going to bed because its like Greenland down here; not Green but a land, melting but still fucking cold.


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