FOTD: Coral Fungus is a disk of shiny con-cer-ete.

Long time no Cee.

Cee what I did there?

In a break form the wonderful group that is FOTD i feel I’ve been neglecting you’ll, and so in a bid to help folk from getting over their disappointment of not having the Ministry publish fungus, flowers or foliage for what feels like ages, I found this little beauty this morning. If I wasn’t in the woods everyday I’d be tempted to say the flood waters had retreated leaving coral clinging to the trees. That and the lack of fish on the forest floor. But we all know that climate change is a hoax, dreamt up by scientists who have the facts at their fingertips and are only trying to bamboozle a certain leader of the free world.

Either that or Trump is a massive idiot with the understanding of climate change of that of a cat. Enjoy…





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