November 27th 2019


2 things:

I had lunch today with a load of retired folk from my company (not mine, the one I work and am paid for doing what I do. If it were my company, then officially I am the only one who isn’t retired and yet am the only one not getting paid; work that out!) Some of these guys retired 17 years ago, through natural age, because they were given a large redundancy payment which it must be noted that those days are long gone, also through ill health. One guy who was on his last legs, has pulled through, he lives to dance the morris another day, all be it with a frame. It was a sobering lunch, everyone looked older and it made me realise that time doesn’t stand still, I too am or must be looking a little older than I was when I started on this hamster wheel of drawing squares for the man. Only on Sunday, we were told, after a pretty ropey pie, that one of our old colleagues had passed away aged 66, thats no age. That’s sad. I spent the time I could with the folks and bid them goodbye and Happy Christmas, until next year.

I saw an advert for Jimmy Choo perfume and am assuming it smells of shoes, think yourself lucky Jimmy  Choo didn’t consult me on the fragrance.

Good Night

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