Your Daily Word Prompt & FOWC; again…


I’ve avoided the Christmas Market in Worcester this weekend for about the third year in a row. According to my daughter and Mrs T, who called me Ebeneezer this evening, that makes me a scrooge, a hater of Christmas and a misery guts.

Its fucking November, still, just, but still for a couple of hours more. Because I find it distasteful to start the Christmas celebration before the month of our supposed Lord’s birthday, then I am wrong. No, I am a rational man and an atheist, I do not believe in God, I see no reason to, I’m pretty much helpless in what goes on in the wider world around me, I can make small changes myself which may well affect my immediate surroundings, its my little sphere of influence.

But I find the rapid Christmasification of November heading into December woefully distasteful. We’ve just got through Black Friday, which is actually a week when shops and wankers sell off their old out of date stock to alleviate the pressure of electrical items pressing against the seams of the fit to burst warehouses, cluttering up the sales space, with a need to fill the house space, to create more room for new stuff to sell. The massive commercialisation makes me really sad; I’d love to love Christmas, but all I see is families getting further and further into everlasting glorious debt. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. People don’t send cards anymore, and that my friends is the whole crux of the matter. People can’t write, and have no time to get to the post office.

My message is, Christmas is not about spending a shit load of money on stuff you don’t need, I don’t know what it is all about really. Fewer people believe in Jesus and the Christmas story, Science is out there, it seems to me Christmas is  about shopping and getting together. Getting together I like, shopping not so much. Does this make me a scrooge that I don’t want to go to the Christmas market, that I don’t want to buy a tree tomorrow? Maybe it does. However in November I will not wish anyone Happy Christmas, nor will I say Happy Black Friday, ever. I’ll leave that to the bargain hunters, those who need to spend a slightly less amount of a large amount of money just before Christmas, push themselves a little more into the envelope of debt.

Jesus said something about the money lenders, and I don’t think it was altogether complimentary, but come January these swine will reap the rewards of the Gluttonous Christmas feast, the same company who sold the telly will of course provide the finance, and stick the pin in the butterfly.

Good night and Bah Humbug… for now… come December 15th I’ll be looking forward!











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