FOWC & Your Daily Word Prompt


May I divulge something to you? I’ve been accused by Mrs T of neglecting her due to the current political situation, it’s interesting and one by one the political men and women seem to be imploding on themslves. As the days pass, and the politicians come to talk to the media, we, the general public, are seeing what utter wankers some of these people are. I’m not going to describe the actions, just check google and youtube, our Prime minister, the man who is the boss of me, (allegedly) has fully fucked himself up his own backside with his over zealous proclamations of proposed policy which we all know holds no water.

I feel we are in the age of realisation, we are in the age of possibility when the filthy rich who know they can make shit loads of money and make the rules, are now being revealed for the frauds they are, they may well be able to make the money, but they can’t be telling me how and what I need to do. We, the people, have to check out how we can tactically vote out these utter arseholes; Mogg, Raab, Johnson and the rest of them. I couldn’t care less if they make a shed load of money, let them bathe in it if it makes them happy, but don’t try and tell me how to live my life, don’t expect me to accept your shabby morals. Not everyone is a cunt.

Good bye disgusting men, I hope you go blind and bump into things, leading to an eternity of stubbed little toes.

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