FOTD: Slime Blob Fungi; Alianuspunkus.

Well sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and concede defeat; no one in the world knows what this is, or where it comes from, it reminds me of what I imagine alien semen looks like, probably. I wouldn’t say for definate, but its horrible stuff and there appears to be quite a bit of it around, along with the lights in the sky. So this is what todays FOTD possibly might be. A prize of a night out with me paid for by the winner if they can enlighten me regards what the hell this is. It can’t ba an animal, its not a plant, so it must be a fungus, what else is there? A142E229-CB99-4087-8C79-5FE689FC31E2_1_201_a

Come to think of it, maybe it could be a storage, incubating type blob containing juveniles (also foetuses) which would still be applicable if in slightly bad taste for this competition; Foetus of the Day. Lets not go there.


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