December 5th 2019


Today my Tape player konked out, this was a dark day in my growing capacity as a tape hipster, I was sent this tape yesterday from the Dark Outside (google them) and its a soundtrack to Alphaville (google it) and I can’t listen. I went to see a man in an industrial estate today, he told me £80 minimum! Fuck that, I can buy an eBay one for £20, turns out my lovely bro will lend me his. You watch theres hundreds of folk with tape players in their garrets, gathering dust and as the weather changes, warm then cold, warm then cold, the rubber bands will snap and this man on the industrial estate will be coining it in, as long as people like the Dark Outside continue to produce tapes for the rising tide of the 48 year old hipster, like me. Its all about me ultimately but I urge you all to climb up into your attics and dust of your tape players and take them to the man.

Come sunday I will be listening to Alphaville, I know not what to expect, is it squelchy electronica, raw acid, orchestral maniac music, Emo? What is EMO? Is it an achronism? Emotionally Managed Orphans, is the music controlling us/them.

Regular readers will probably know we are buying a new set of sofas: a massive sofa,  an armchair and a cuddler (an armchair for a really wide person, or a chair where the 48 year old magic might well happen) So the panic in the house was along the lines of where would we put the old sofas when the new suite came, we don’t live in a castle and even I am starting to think the house is getting little cluttered, but don’t tell Mrs T. Small Furniture Items (SFIs) tend to move around the house manifesting themselves in different areas, looking different and thus appearing favourable in the new spots. I put the old sofa, its over 10 years old now, on eBay and bloody hell someone has bought it within a day! Happy day for us, moneys in the bank.

Night all, i’ll see you on the walk tomorrow N, C and M. Mrs T is having an eye test, checking they’re still there!


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