FOWC & Your Daily Word Prompt

B9836343-7510-4E76-93B1-654FD66973AD_1_201_aIt’s that time of year, temperatures are low, its crispy and due to rain for the rest of the week. And on the back of having possibly over indulged ourselves this weekend at a party hosted by my brother on Saturday; far too much booze, not enough potato to soak it up. We limped home in the Tesla, with our tails between our legs, to reach home early to take my daughter to a party and to be in for someone who has just bought our sofa on eBay. As I sit here tonight in front of the fire on a paint splattered £5 Ikea plastic chair, the room is empty apart form the detritus of implements of painting, brushes wrapped in tin foil, drops of white on the wooden floors, and I think to my self wether this is the wrong time to decorate? this time next week we will have a new sofa, a chair and a cuddler (google it) on which we can sit in comfort to watch our massive telly, free gift from BT.

Tomorrow I’ve got to go to an office party in Shrewsbury, its 45 minutes drive or 2 hours train ride, ive booked the train because I feel obliged to drink as we never have office parties, we don’t have an office see. So I’m expecting a quiet one; i’m hoping to sneak out about 9pm after our christmas meal to get the train to Brum and then onto Droitwich, to get picked up by Mrs T around 10:30ish, which is a pain for her and for me, and I expect to be drinking in Witherspoons, and I expect to be feeling very tired come Sparrow fart on Wednesday. Thursday is the election and the plan is to watch the results come in on the telly, whilst lying on garden sunbeds in my lounge in front of the fire.

December has started slowly blogging wise and I don’t expect to write a great deal, there’s always something to fucking do and presents to buy. Today my daughter and I fell out because the tree I bought wasn’t good enough, its not even out of the netting and so I find it very hard to see how she can judge, but then I check myself and remember that she is now 16 and therefor knows fucking everything about everything, of course she does.

Night night playmates.


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