Friday 13th December

Exit polls look to be a pretty awful and what had turned out to be an evening of wine drinking, on my own, in front of the fire on a deck chair, we sold the sofas, remember? But as the exit polls showed, there doesn’t seem to be much to shout about, according to the polls the Tories have won in a landslide, and so sitting here now, watching the channel 4 “alternative” election, it all seems a bit of  an anticlimax. No one asked me what I voted after I voted, and this is how exit polls are conducted so there could be a surprise, i guess. 10 results are in, thus far, and my left eye is twitching. Bed is beckoning, so i’ll wait for the fire to die out and then sleep, to awake to, well I’m not sure.0C78D4E3-DDF5-4FFF-9011-EADFDB0C4C65_1_201_a

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  1. the gov are focussed on money now . not leadership on better life for families and futer gens. The result demonstarates … its time to look ourselves for solutions that impove. And take actions that may influence others (jos car) to for a mass reatail disprution to put futer generations on a fairer footing with the speices that have survuved so far, ….before mans greed for votes or fake news and ignorence, destorys the beauty and wildlife what we take for grnated. and we are left with horror.

    stuff you BJ i do it my way.

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