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Not to be one to point out the bleeding obvious but as this year comes to a close and we see the decade ending in somewhat of a state of flux, I think a lot of us could agree with; Brexit, the Middle East, Trump, Kashmir, the decline in house robberies and the escalation in shed theft in my little corner of the world, Syria, North Korea, Massacres in Africa, Climate Breakdown, England football never really getting there, English Cricket getting there but falling down often, the list goes on. Looking at it rationally and not through rose tinted glasses, the world we live in is fucked and no one seems to know what the next political moves will be and who will make them, thank God i’m living in a soon to be declared principality in the depths of rural Worcestershire.

So as a not at all original idea I am taking time to reflect and to maybe point out notable episodes from my point of view. Most of them will be from the latter part of the decade as, let’s face it, i’m getting on and have difficulty remembering what happened yesterday. So in no particular order.

Where do my neighbours, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, go on holiday over Christmas?

I have probably spent far too much money on Records, CDs and latterly Tapes, but I don’t regret any of it apart from the Focus Group Album which is shit.

I’ve taken to Twitter and fallen away from Facebook.

I regret upsetting Mrs T a few years ago, my friends too and I love you all.

We lost Hovis aka Mr Stinker, we lost Mr Sprout to a car accident but we have Benny, the weird looking dog-cat.

I’ve pretty much struggled with smoking but have taken to vaping, which is slightly less shit, but does smell nicer.

Some local ladies, friends, have been diagnosed with Cancer, I hope they get better.

I’m well into my 5th Decade now with just 2 years to go, and by next decade I hope to be able to call my self a bona fide writer, i’ve plans and ideas.

My daughter and son are coming on nicely, excelling in school, this time next decade I could be a grandparent, theoretically, which is terrifying.

I’d like to be healthy and living in the mountains in Spain, I think Mrs T would too, as long as we  have space for a pool.

I’ll continue the blog; unlucky for you!

I should watch less telly, read more and drink less. Telly and Booze rot the brain, I’ve finally realised, after nearly 50 years , but will I be able to tone it down? Tune in for the next exciting chapters.

This evening we’re having a new years celebration with a few friends, we might pop upto the pub, we might not, some robbery scouts have been sighted by N (from the ministry) this morning and so I had the great privilege to stall my car to a shuddering halt in front of the police today as they looked around for the n’er-do-wells, and we stopped to tell them our story (N’s story, but I was driving so…)

Glory By Association.

I met my biological family, this decade; which was pretty special and I will try to speak to them all more often.

I’ve got no uncles or aunties left now, no grandparents, but have a closer bond with older cousins.

I’m a poorly paid director of the most antiquated property investment company in the midlands, I will learn to understand, infiltrate and take over!

My folks may need help going into the future, as will Mrs T’s Mum, I’ll make sure I’m there for them as much as I can be, given our geographical proximity.

Walking is good, sitting bad.

One of my bezzies had 2 beautiful kids, he’s a decade behind me but has been mucking about for most of his life so i’m very much looking forward to watching his hair fall out!

Mr Popazakki and Razzle the G-Pigs, came and went, their hutch still stands as a reminder as to how lazy I am for not getting rid of it. plus there is a bale of hay in the shed which must go.

The garden is a fucking mess and must be sorted out, sheds too… watch this space.

I’ve blogged less, but gained more followers and my mind is getting into some sort of order, like the body of the Terminator piecing itself together across a factory floor after being split into smithereens.


If i don’t see you later,

Happy New Year.

I’ve probably forgotten a ton of stuff, but as with everything this is a dynamic environment I’m finding myself in, and unless I stick post it notes all over the house then that’s how it’ll be for the foreseeable.

There’s a disco at the pub, we may pop up for a swift half.



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