FOWC & Your Daily Word Prompt



Had a “meeting” today with a colleague, in the union, high up, and we discussed electric cars. This is going to happen I hope, the government has issued a quota of at least 25% of the fleet must be electric by the time our rubber car lease runs out. It’s meant to be 3 years but will be extended to 4, with the almost definite result that because they are not willing to test electric cars in “the field” with the people who will be driving them, the contract will be extended to 5 years. Thus rendering the cars we have now pretty much worthless when they sell them off after we give them back, scratched by hedges on the outside and worn by equipment on the inside. I would not buy my car from me.

This is a particular quirk of the company I work for. They are fucking useless in testing any new equipment or Operating Procedures outside of the Headquarters bubble which considering we are a nation-wide company with staff working literally all over the British Isles, makes pretty much no sense at all. But really I should come to expect that, we are all armchair directors when it comes to it, we could all do better, if given the chance. My view from the edge of the forest is that I really couldn’t be arsed to accept the chance if offered it. They have a very effective way to nullify and downgrade our status and therefore our standing in society, even our job title doesn’t accurately describe what it is I do. For goodness sake there’s probably 200 people doing what I do in the whole world, that must stand for something. The day I leave I’ll let you know and i’ll write a letter to the Swift Flash for the whole of Gilmorton Parish to read about.

Bleak times ahead, the world is screwed and as leaders flounder and try to make us believe that they know what they are doing it seems the same in corporate-land. Sack the board, sack the board and Hang the DJ, the king is dead, long live the king.

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