February 16th 2020

Storm Dennis is upon us and what I can’t understand is why they didn’t call it Storm Daniel, and there in may be created a joke about the Orange president and a certain porn star; “Here comes Stormy Daniel” he might have said.

They missed a trick there folks.

In other news, “We’re all screwed”. Looking to the weather forecasts to tell us when we can wear our t-shirts and shorts again, roll on summer, whilst all the time the weather is getting progressively worse and threatening our Northern towns and valleys, this time; it’ll be somewhere else next time.

Seems our shitty government can’t afford to provide flood defences for our smaller settlements but can find billions for the construction of HS2 , which if you’ve been in a hole for the last few years is a high speed railway line connecting North and South so that business can flourish while the world around us melts and everyone dies of Corona virus. Which is dragging on, as people recover and then more contract the disease, the cities in lockdown have the possibility to be in lockdown for a very long time. 817E11E0-E65F-4DC6-9CB7-F1F55F0BB3E8_1_201_a

I’ve been organising a trip for 10 to Morocco, a month from now, do not try to break into my house, there will be highly trained operatives from the Military of Shrawley Walks, waiting and willing to flick chewed up bits of paper or whatever it takes to repel the Marauders of Shrawley Walks. 

I’m going to bed more of this later.

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