Friday Fictioneers: Cursed are the Cheese Makers.

Hey kids, thanks to Rochelle for keeping the internet stable, if the FF goes chaos theory will ensue. Cheers to Dawn Miller too for the photo, and having discussed cheese for a substantial part of the morning walk this morning, and having eaten a half truckle of chilli cheddar (a hangover from the Christmas cheeseboard) with my coffee before breakfast, I thought it only suitable that I should include cheese in my little story today.

So as usual, I must say…

On My Marks,

Get set,


The bottom had fallen out of the pie market, literally, due to the flour grinder fiasco; strikes demanding salarys rises for the Milling community. 

Insects were substituted for wheat but the Pieman couldn’t abide the buzzing and invasion of his personal space.

Cheese; that was the answer. He needed an unique marketing strategy, and after a particularly heavy night on the Stinking Bishop, the name, “Cheesy Dreams” came to him in a brie-f flash of brilliance.

Cheese with the most vivid dreams was a fine sentiment but succeeded in sectioning a majority of the sampling cheesemongers after complaints of halloumi-cinations.

And that is the end of my cheese based story, all true to a point, well based oil a true story I’m sure, and 100 words, with only 100 wasted.


  1. I suspect it would be challenging to keep up with you in a conversation. Is your brain ALWAYS on fast-forward?

    Now that I googled and can say I know what halloumi is, I’m curious to see if I can find some here in my little corner of Pennsylvania 🙂

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