FOWC and RDP on March 2nd 2020


Oh, the transient nature of our lives, hither and thither is proving to be (possibly) the downfall of modern civilisation as we know it. No longer will we be able to chose from Tescos or Sainsburys, Aldi or Lidl, Netto or Kwiksave, Whats black and yellow and full of shit? A Netto bag. What’s any mixture of colours and full of nothing? No shopping, because thats what’ll happen, thats what were heading for. Just hoping I can get my holiday to Marrakesh sorted before the shit really hits the fan.

Turns out in GB we’re going to be calling on retired GPs (doctors) to help out with the stabilising of the Corona Virus, sorry Covid19, the rebranded, faster and harder, sounds like an engine oil, deadly plague. The weaker and more vulnerable, generally speaking the older and younger in society are at risk, so bring in the old guard, God help us all, I’m not being ageist, but its almost like the whole world is clutching at straws, trying not to say what many people are thinking, be it right or wrong. Its just a cold, isn’t it? Who knows?

On site today I slipped over in the mud as I crossed the road infront of a flat bed truck with 3 builders just on their way to lunch. As I stood up, I looked at them, smiled and tripped again and again, acting like a fool has always done me proud, especially ripping a hole in the knee of my jeans, blood immediately staining the cheap Asda denim. I hurried off to my car, slightly embarrassed enough to get off site so as they don’t tell the site manager and i’d have to fill in a near miss form, which it wasn’t I did not miss the floor, at all, there was no miss about this. On the way to my next job, because lets face it, i’m a trooper, I spotted an old couple, the lady in the car, the elderly man heaving the front of the car as the lady spun the wheels in reverse, as the old mans shoes slosh around in the sticky mud on the verge. I pulled over to help them out, and just after a truck driver stopped too. She was in the driver’s seat, getting more and more stressed, as the old man muttered under his breath, “fucking, fucking, bloody, blah, blah”. By the use of some sticks and brut force we managed to get the car out, once the lady had managed to put the car into reverse, grazing a large stone and bumping and jolting onto the road, a small queue of people looking impatient and unapologetic in their cars. A random act of kindness and it felt pretty damn good after the knee tumble, and will probably go a little to atone for all the awfulness done in a past life, not by me, i’m a good fellow, honest.


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