FOWC, RDP & Your Daily Word Prompt


Just got back from Morocco, hence the lack of writing, that and the virus of the Crows, work, or at least pretending to. I work out doors and it involves speaking to folk and interacting with folk in remote places. Come Monday of next week theres no way we will be allowed out, that is the end of days, Year Zero.

I spoke to my folks, they live away from away from here, they’re in their 80’s, think the internet is full of foreigners and as such is not worth dealing with. My Mum is the world’s biggest racist but there may be bigger ones. Worser ones, Christ it’s not a good look. When you need a poo and there’s no toilet roll what the hell does it matter where anything comes from? Get a grip. The supermarkets are full of normal people trying to get along, and yet theres some c**ts who will ruin it for everyone else. My Mum, whom I love, despite the afore mentioned, went to 2 supermarkets this week looking to buy enough food for her and my Dad, she came back with cake, there was fuck all there, nothing, which fitted into her daily menu, meat and two veg, strictly. At this point I’m thinking that I will do an online shop for her, but the previously mentioned c**ts seem to be on the internet too, stripping the virtual shelves like a plague of virtual locusts. Mum said that there wouldn’t be an issue as she would call M&S and ask them to deliver her food, like in the real life, like what the neighbours do, BUT, they use the internet which Mum thinks us full of Corona Virus and other nastiness, to a certain extent it is, I guess. So I panicked, there’s a 3 week wait for supermarket delivery, M&S will not return my calls and Mum and Dad live 70 miles away. So I decided to do what is not allowed, maybe, I’m a bit unclear, the government’s position is at best vague, at worst really vague. I require, we require leadership, not platitudes with an eye on what everyone else is doing, hoping not to offend, hoping not to upset.

Of course I’m going to help my folks, so I get up early, put on my supermarket armour, and waded in to Lidl, Aldi and Waitrose. Loo roll in Aldi, chicken in Aldi and Lidl, tin foil in Waitrose, the aspiring middle classes are the worst.

I’m being asked to Collaborate I need to believe the people who are asking me this. Right now i’m not so sure.

Now I’m pissed, thats as good as it gets.

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