Year Zero: Day 10


Well, 1/2 the weekend has gone and I didn’t even realise. Saturday, usually the day of crossword and cooking was spent, doing the crossword, standing respectfully and orderly in line outside Tescos, behind a man who insisted Mrs T and I wouldn’t be allowed in together, we were, I checked with the Tesco Territorials before. Then behind us was a mental health nurse, doing a fine job with the people who have no idea what the fuck is going on right now. I bought 100 cigarettes for a neighbour, £63!! which makes me glad i’m no longer smoking, this time is a prime time for smoking as the boredom takes over.

I hung some washing up, took some down, had a small bonfire burning the rest of the sage bush we dug up, it smelt lovely and burnt with a little incense like smoke, leaving me to keep one pace ahead of it by turning round the fire pit, this way and that. My friend is just recovering from the virus, he’s been in bed for over a week, yesterday was the first day downstairs, he was coughing up globules of blood from a secondary lung infection, his advice: not to get this affliction. Thank god he’s over the worst of it.

So we’re entering double figures since the official lockdown beginning; the day the pubs shut down, the honeymoon period, the end of term feeling I suspect will soon dissipate as we enter week 2 proper, and pretending top be busy at work begins again. I’ve got my review on Tuesday, in which I will probably not be receiving a pay rise despite working like a prostitute for them this year. My boss and his apparently have singled me out for a new project which is pretty hush, hush at the moment, possibly because they haven’t worked out what the fuck it is they want me to do yet. But in a fraction of clarity just a few minutes ago I assume that it’ll be on my terms completely and maybe i’ll have to learn something completely new, which would be better than going over the same old shit which all the normal projects they churn out tend to be. We’ll have to wait and see.

In other news, I saw the first Bluebell on Friday (day8) but was on the phone to a friend, so I walked past, making plans to return after the call to take the photo. I couldn’t find the flower and went off-road for a good time looking for others. I’ll be gutted if anyone else posts a photo before I do on the village FB site. I’ve won that completely made up competition for the last few years running, but I am slightly unsure of the numbers of competitors if i’m being brutally honest.

Today is the forth of fifth day that my weight has been under 80kg, today i’m heading towards 78kg!! I’m 79.2kg. I’m not sure of the stone weight, google it.

And so it goes. Nothing fucking happens.


  1. Nothing may be happening but you have a way of writing it that is engaging.
    You are the first person I “know” who knows someone afflicted. It mus be such a scary thing. Sending him best wishes to keep fighting this nasty thing.
    Bummer you missed the bluebell!
    Kudos to you on the weight management. So many people are fluffing up by being so sedentary whilst others are out and about like never before – some I question that they are all living in the same house so are rather too close together, but that’s their problem. I keep my distance.
    Cheers to you, Shrawls!

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    • Hey Dale, thanks, some days just seem to pass by with not a Lot happening. My mate seems to be on the mend, but it sounded really bad, his wife hasn’t had it yet but I suspect it’ll just be a matter of time as there in the same house together in the middle of nowhere. Hope she’s ok. I’ve missed a couple of FF due to just scraping out of Morocco before the bell went, and badly home schooling. Glad to hear you’re ok. I’ll keep on keeping on

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      • I know what you mean.
        As for your mate, I am glad to hear he is and there is no guarantee that his wife will get it. She might be immune or taking good care and doing what she needs to.
        So glad I don’t have to worry about home schooling!
        We got home from our cruise on March 9 so were quarantined until the 23rd. I did a mega grocery and shall not have to return in a good while.
        It’s all we can do.. Keep on keeping on!

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      • In the Caribbean. And we love cruising. I must have done 8-9 of them. And no. It’s not like a massive shopping centre unless you hang around the shopping centre!!
        It’s luxury hotel with many bars and clubs and you get to get off and visit a new country every day – with the option of hitting the beach or visiting. Always up to you.

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      • I went to Grenada 🇬🇩 a few years back and saw one of the shops from the boat I was on. Massive things, I can’t believe such a thing can float. (I can really because I understand science, sort of) I’d like to go and look at one, maybe walk around and explore, then run away. I just don’t think it’s for me. I wouldn’t mind trying a luxury hotel for once, I always go budget or local, if it’s clean and in the thick of it I’m happy!!

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