Year Zero: Day 13

Just a quick one this evening to highlight an experiment I conducted under the controlled, and not really sterile conditions of my kitchen, I took a gamble on this, using a freezer and a common chicken egg.


I’m no run of the mil,l pedestrian amateur scientist, oh no. As I’ve told my son, Science is all around, with beauty hidden if only we could find it. Yesterday I took and egg and put it into the freezer, expecting, once frozen,  to find a crystal clear ovoid with a daffodil yellow heart, being the springtime and all.

The tension was high, when I took the egg from the freezer shelf, the shell slightly cracked and impossible to peel off without the use of a lump hammer.

“What are you doing?” remarked the Naysayers? As I smashed the hell out of the shell of the common chicken egg

“I will find the jewel of spring” said I as the inner sanctum behind the shell revealed itself.

An opaque, frozen egg, slightly hammer mishaped, you couldn’t even see through to the yolk. Disappointed, I decided to take a leaf from Masterchef and made a wonderful dish which I threw in the dustbin shortly afterwards.

I present to you a frozen boiled egg, with potentially poisonous edible flower with mature wilted spring onion and a Spicy Buffalo jus. This is what Quarantine does to you, despite having an amazing end of year review in which I got a grade 2. 5 is shit, 1 is like Unicorn shit, so I’m more than happy with a 2 but lets see what the rewards are, roll on June, I expect a cool £50! I am a prostitute for these fuckers.


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