The Dark outside, Inside


Theres a man I buy tapes from, on the internet, his label is called the dark outside and would you believe he’s been asking for music to be sent to him which will be played on a live stream just here further in, live and the music will never be heard again. Its a one time only type of gig.

He normally broadcasts from a radio mast somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and you van only hear the broadcast if you are in the close proximity to this mast. He truly is mad, all the best people are, so be nice to him, and listen in.

It’s on for over 24 hours, maybe 26 or 27, and I have been enjoying it for a fair few hours family permitting. In a short while I’m going to bed, but i must stay up to listen to concretism which I think is fairly soon. I think you, my millions of readers, should too. Its not that i’m an influencer, but, well how many other blogs do you read about people walking their dogs? Its Niche, but rappers who can read, read it.

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