Year Zero: Day 30


Thank heavens for guidelines. In the absence of any idea of what the hell to do after this business. Thank God the medical experts are keeping a lid on it otherwise I seriously doubt if the leaders of the free world would know which way to turn. They all seem painfully aware of what decisions made will do for their ratings going forward, their future earnings I would say paramount in their minds. In our case, Mr Johnson, convalescing in his holiday home, which he shouldn’t be doing, we’ve a stand-in PM, too scared to make any sort of decision in the present circumstances, not wanting to fuck up his future employability. There’ll be a cabinet reshuffle sooner or later where they substitute someone with no real experience of working in a particular field with someone else who has no particular experience of working in a real field where expertise might be of use. If i was to apply for a job, i would assume that some experience in the field might be of use.

This is why I am not a politician

I note with some distress we are into day 30 of the official lockdown, which is when the pubs shut, which is the longest I have been since the age of 18 probably where I haven’t visited some sort of pub or bar. This will be continuing for some time yet and I hope to Christ that it continues until safe, I’d rather my overlords be completely satisfied and confident with their proclamations over the death of this awfulness.

Today is also International Record Shop Day  where vinyl nuts queue for hours outside their local shop, drinking before breakfast in many cases and making friends in the process, obviously this can not happen in the present state of affairs, but records can be purchased on  line which we’ed had better do to prevent a complete collapse of the record shop industry which is an integral part of buying records. This is not some whimsical rose tinted memory which I’m talking about. Granted, growing up in Leicester, there were at least 7 or 8 shops which J and I used to rummage through on a Saturday, now the shops have gone, closed down by rising rates and the proliferation of cafes and pubs in the cities as well as the rise of Amazon and other online trading platforms including online record shops. High street record shops are going to have to work really hard to survive, they have do diversify, and I hope when all is said and done the record shop will rise again. We’ve got one second hand market stall record shop in Worcester now, theres probably room for another.

All of a sudden I feel slightly depressed and I can say with aplomb that it is to do with the lack of alcohol in the house and also the lack of alcohol in the house. Mrs T has gone shopping, she will be gone for a long time and I may be forced to attack the prosecco or maybe see if I can enjoy a little evening gin. Pip Pip.


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