Year Zero: Day 39.

The the risk of sounding like a stuck record, which my millions of followers probably think I frequently do. I’m not bored, I don’t think, i’m sad that this thing has happened and its put us all in unrealistic situations which are so very, very real. I wasn’t ready for this. I feel safe here, in my little village, i ventured out today more out of boredom than anything else really, I didn’t take the dog this morning so a trip to Tesco’s to buy milk, bread, and vegetables seemed fine. My daughter always wants to come with me, just to sit in the car, just for a change of scenery. Society is crumbling from the inside, I can stand it, I can do this, but many of us will be broken inside when it’s all over. I remember writing earlier on in this disaster that I was feeling nervous venturing out, I still do, but need to do it, just to keep my eye in, its ridiculous really.


However on the positive side of events, I have ordered 15m2 of Patio slabs and 2 tons of hardcore; MOT type 1 not the entire back catalogue of Razzle, Imagine they’d be pretty hard to source. So armed with a rake, a whacker plate, a watering can and some dry cement mix onto of the hardcore I will attempt the impossible dream of building my own patio, the last one was around 20 years ago, with the good Doctor and my dog Hovis was a pup, a lot of water under the bridge since then, a lot of shower screens cleaned with a   squeegee after the demise of the shower curtain, thats right a few years ago showers in my world grew up (sorry I had no idea how to get this word in, it’s a ridiculous word if you don’t mind me saying and will be very low in the Fandango One Word Challenge charts of words I like) But being a stickler for detail and rules I must fit the word into some sort of context if I am to play the game.

Sorry I went bit off track there for a while, the Haytfever has been getting me down along with everything else, but watch this space for exciting patio developments, and possibly news from Wales where Dr S will be having a new greenhouse installed in a few weeks too. Garden and home improvements are about to get pretty damn thrilling.

Good Night, and hello to George Goodnight if you’re reading this rot.

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