Year Zero: Day 41

Rag-Fan-Tag-Dango prompts, thats a mouthful.

And so God or Dog said unto his chief Plague or Plaque Technician,

“Give me a preview of how this might pan out will you?”

Wondering why on earth God had asked him; a trainee Plaque technician, how “this might pan out”  he had mentioned that there may be a few germs flying about, and that it would be important to swill your mouth to neutralise the bacteria.

However God had got out of the mechanical chair and left slamming the door behind him by the time the dental trainee had finished speaking. The dentist reappeared from the toilet drying his hands on his apron,

“Bloody Hell, was that God again? He’s all over the place since McKenna made friends with him, those mushrooms are a real trip, he needs to fucking watch out, calm down for a while, he’s like Wil-E-Coyote, these days, chasing after the next fix; Toot, Toot! Did you tell him anything? Anything at all?”

“Erm… No?”

“Good, he’s got a beef with that twat of a president, wants to teach him a lesson, maybe I should go and see him, give him a quaalude, chill him out, there’s no telling what the fuck he’ll do next”



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