Year Zero: Day 47

Ragtag and Fandango, the Dynamic Duo, lets see what we can cobble together.


Day 47, by the time the surprise bank holiday arrives we shall be in week 7 of the lock down, and into the second half of a potential century of not being able to go to the pub. Imagine potentially nearly 1/3 of a year not really going anywhere apart from the supermarket. I haven’t even filled up with diesel since mid March, lesser still got myself a McDonalds, not that I particularly like them, but once a month they fulfil a need. But like masturbation always feel slightly empty afterwards. I dropped the whacker off at my mates house yesterday and sat on the grass in the sun for 30 minutes chatting about this and that, but mostly food, and its odd how much I miss some chips and curry sauce from the chippy, again I only have this once a month or even less, theres a really great kebab shop in Worcester which I have never been to but have heard legendary and almost mythical tales of the chicken kebabs they sell, right then, sat on my mates grass I wanted all of these things.

The home schooling of  my son is continuing, he’s keeping up and doing it at his own pace, as for my daughter she seems to have forgotten what education is and seems more interested in upgrading her mobile phone, than researching what is going to happen at sixth form college, if it ever opens again and we don’t all return to the dark ages after this catastrophe. We’ll be digging up rocks to make a living if things don’t get back to somewhere near where they were in the past, which seems such a very long time ago. You know I don’t mind being on lock down, really, I quite like being in my house, I quite enjoy looking out of the window, I’m spending far too much time on Twitter, the garden is being gradually bought up to scratch, or at least the talks there, we have great plans, patio, chairs to sit on, maybe a summer house, with a log burner, so we can use it in the winter, we might re-turf, build an extension, and re configure the kitchen, hell we’ll get a new kitchen, he said with a twinkle in his eye, with an island. Talking ourselves into staying in the house for good, and buying somewhere in the mountains, maybe in Spain, in the future. The mind travels far and wide while I travel to Tescos, usually leaving my mind elsewhere and as a result buying tons of stuff we don’t need, getting too drunk too often and buying records  which I don’t need either so I can’t afford all the things previously outlined!

The whole things a sham.


  1. in these days better a Sham dreaming of rain falling in Spain than the rest of us without imagination who simply think about a Sham Sandwich and Rye… Any way while contemplating this may be just your ticket…


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