Year Zero: Day 66

Its Fandango and Ragtag in bed together, hooray. But with a 2 metre bolster between them and in an enormous bed, like one Elton John may have had sometime in the past.


Clickety-Click, where did that time go?

Bejesus, we are now approaching day 70, week 10 or under the new decimalised time system; week 7. This needs calculation as the days would also have to be decimalised into maybe 20 hours, so the day time creeps up on the night and the night merges into the day, like a more updated version of “Break on Through”. And quite progressively, the whole system becomes ultimately very confusing at first but then more like an undulating sea, the waves moving us along in time gently, the light changing on a daily basis, the daytimes lighter and then darker, thus night follows and it keeps us all on our toes. For God’s sake theres a maniac in charge in America, in Britain, in Russia, may other places too but we’re the ones suffering this domestic clusterfuck (see Linda-Kemp-Writer, I did it again, your turn next) with a daily press conference of confusion delivered by puppets and/or muppets.

Today main advisor to the PM, Dominic Cummings, has been caught out breaking the lockdown, travelling to old peoples’ house whilst carrying a Covid positive patient, and possibly, a whole positive family in his car up to Durham to see his elderly folks, thereby putting them in danger of death, and anyone else he stopped to cough at and spit on when he was on his journey up north. All the cabinet are standing by him,


Its probably not too unlikely that considering how balls deep Cummings is (scuse the pun) within the Tory party he’s probably got a shit load of dirt on pretty much everyone of them, enough to bring the government down, whereas in the current circumstances they seem to be doing a pretty good job of that themselves don’t you think?

My view, for what its worth, is now we are seeing the daily death rate fall, they are spinning a more positive slant on to the pox, in a month or so we will be in the 10s of deaths due to Covid, maybe uptown 40000 deaths, and the government can start to scare the shit out of us about the second wave, which is a terrifying prospect. They may then have all the measures in place that everyone else, apart from America, Russia, Italy, Spain and a few notable others had during this first wave. Britain can, or rather Cummings can direct the government to appear pro-active in this fight agains the virus and strive for success in containing the wave. Maybe even putting out bogus figures; who knows, I struggle to believe anything they are saying right now. The point being that if the Government “play” this correctly then they can convince those of us with short attention spans that they are beating the hell out of the second wave virus, holding it back with the aid of fake news and propaganda, like oppressive, manipulative regimes of the past. I wonder if Cummings regards this as a practice run? He was an advocate of herd immunity, the process by many people die to achieve enough immunity within the population to prevent spread. Christ knows what is happening, I sometimes wonder if these people actually care about anything else apart from their own skins.

All Bullshit, Bullshit All.

Then they can all get drunk and go Naked and lie in a great big pile, whilst covered in clingfilm to avoid having to social distance, like avoiding tax. They’re all full of it.

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