Year Zero: Day 68.


Today its just Fandango who’s prompt I am replying to, seems like i’m up too early for Ragtag, because let’s face it Shrawley time is the over arching time by which all world clocks abide by.

If recent events in the United Kingdom of Corruption and one rule for the elite are anything to go by, then i’d say we are all fucked. A PM defending a senior advisor for driving to Durham to see his folks in the lockdown, i’ll spare you the details, suffice to say he broke government guidelines, or we, the public are too thick to understand the guidelines. Either way; it’s not a good look. Never before in the history of my life have I been so interested and utterly disgusted in the actions of a government. I believe not an utterance from their mouths, they are all as bad as each other and they are looking at me with utter contempt. As a patient with dementia may see the persons on the telly to be actually in the room, I feel my skin crawl as I see lie after untruth after lie being spurted in to my lounge, like a farmer spraying slurry onto his crops. I see the politicians and I tase shit, I smell shit, I see shit. But they don’t seem to care.

If the Scientists are to be believed, there is no shortcut to expunge this terrible malady, it’s here and will stay longer the sooner we try to bluff our way out of it. Send the public back to work, send the children back to school, just because other countries further down the diabolical viral timeline are seen to be doing. This is not a race to the bottom, which we seem to be winning in Europe as far as I can make out. I really want to go and live in the mountains of Spain, but when Brexit (remember that) happens, I wonder if I actually can? Surely a person can live where he/she choses? As long as he/she fills in the right forms, pays the correct taxes and lives according to the rules of the specific country? We’ll see I guess, but at the moment all I see in the incompetent self serving politics of the so called free world is years of bondage and financial shackles being tightened for all us worker Bees, the elite can do what they want, because, well, they deserve to, don’t they?


  1. Yes,big news here too. Do as I say not as I do. The new Pharisees peer so far ahead they,they heap great burdens on our shoulders they are not willing to lift. They speak with forked tongue’s as they spew their faeces like hellful coals, well we are just as pissed off with our lot.

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